Drone Inspection with Red Mountain Scientific

Wireless Industry: Red Mountain Scientific Is Your Asset Inspection Partner

Over the years, the wireless industry has been one of constant innovation and increasing competition. Operating efficiently has become even more critical to the success of your business. Cell tower, radio tower, and broadcast tower inspections can be quite the undertaking. Our mission is to make these projects faster, safer, more informative, and more cost-effective through drone inspection. To do so, we believe there are three key components (the “Three Ts”):


Drone Inspection with Red Mountain Scientific


If you have access to a truck and a plow why would you show up with a shovel? We’re in the business of getting more done, faster by drone inspection. With Red Mountain Scientific, you won’t have to send climbers to inspect your structures – we deploy best-in-class drones to inspect your asset in minutes, rather than hours.


We live in an age of ever more rapid technological advancements. Whether it’s for data storage, communication, project management, or finance, there are countless software applications helping companies in every industry streamline operations across their entire business.


Whether it’s working with your direct employees or trusted partners in your industry, solving problems is impossible if you’re working with a team that has never felt your pain.

That’s where we come in! At Red Mountain Scientific we are bringing the “Three Ts” together to help solve big problems in the wireless industry via drone inspection.

Red Mountain Scientific’s Tools:

We are deploying best-in-class drones to collect critical asset data faster, more completely, and more cost-effectively during drone inspection of cell tower, radio tower, and broadcast tower assets.

Red Mountain Scientific’s Technology:

In addition to our autonomous flight software, Red Mountain Scientific is building out a powerful analytics platform powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning software.

Every line of code is built with our users’ pain points in mind. No more manual image analysis, or time-consuming report generation. Our AI will analyze your images, identify and categorize deficiencies, and generate your reports with just a few clicks.

Red Mountain Scientific’s Team:

In addition to world-class technologists, the Red Mountain Scientific team includes former field engineers who know your business, have felt your pain, and are ready to deliver solutions.

So whether it’s a routine inspection, a PMI, or due diligence on your next purchase or sale, Red Mountain Scientific has the tools, tech, and team to get the job done right. Give us a call today and together we’ll build the future of an industry.

Contact Red Mountain Scientific to get started with our state of the art drone inspections! We’re experts at what we do, and we know the ins and outs of cell tower, broadcast tower, and radio tower asset management. We’d love to learn more about your business in order to provide scalable solutions that work for you!



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