CCA 2017 provided unique insights and updates from a diverse group of leaders in the telecom, government, and technology industries. We heard from top industry executives, innovative start-ups, and even FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr.

There were engaging conversations and panels discussing everything from the spectrum repack to attracting and retain millennial customers. One session that we found particularly relevant was led by NATE (The National Association of Tower Erectors) and talked about the ever-expanding presence of drones in the industry. Todd Schlekeway of NATE led the discussion and shared a bit about the benefits that NATE and their members are seeing by deploying drones on telecom sites.

Elevated work is inherently dangerous, and as Todd put it, even one fatality is one too many. The use of drones is allowing teams to conduct preliminary assessments from the ground, effectively reducing the amount of time spent off the ground. It’s exciting to see industry leaders like the team at NATE recognize the positive impact that UAVs can have. Whether it’s improving safety and data quality, or decreasing time on site and operating costs, the benefits of deploying drones in commercial operations is undeniable.

At Red Mountain, we know the improved data quality, efficiency gains, and cost savings that drone deployment can provide. With former tower climbers on staff, we’ve heard tales from the tower which keeps us excited to play even a small part in making tower sites safer places to work.

Curious how drones can improve your daily operations? Give us a call at 720-212-4133 or email Sam McGuire at

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