Wind Turbine Inspection

wind turbine drone inspection

We deliver a superior level of dependability and performance of wind turbine inspections by utilizing best in class commercial drones, our own custom-built flight management software, on-board collision detection and avoidance technology to enable fully autonomous drone missions that capture images of blades at close range and 20 MP resolution. Missions are completed in minutes enabling the inspection of multiple towers in a day with little down time.

We leverage the power of cloud computing for our proprietary, artificial intelligence software (AI) to automatically analyze your data to detect anomalies. Our intuitive user interface facilitates immediate identification of defects as well as historical trend analysis.

We provide you with a report based on your classification protocol, including over-all blade condition, categorized damage level assessment, and chronological variations. Our reports pinpoint what needs attention and how urgently.

Red Mountain Scientific services allow you to better schedule your down time, rapidly collect blade data, and quickly have the information necessary to plan your maintenance and repair. For the first time, you have will the ability to proactively manage and optimize your turbine blade operations.